Up to Date Website: Why Keeping Your Content Fresh is Essential

Customers come back to websites because they expect to find something new or different with every return visit. When they don’t find new information, it’s likely they won’t return for a while if at all. The easiest way to create loyal visitors who go to your site every week or even every day is by updating your content.

Think about large news sites, such as The New York Times or The Washington Post. Their content updates every day, and many people log in every morning to see what’s new in the world. They have so much traffic to their websites for exactly that reason, because visitors know they can expect the newest, late-breaking information.

While new content can bring visitors back, it won’t make them want to return unless it’s valuable. Don’t just post anything that’s in the news or that’s easy to slap on a page quickly. Your content should provide information that entertains and educates the specific customers who enjoy your products. It should also be related to the products or services offered on your website.

Be a Thought Leader
The new buzzword for anyone trying to rank higher in Google search results is “authority.” The sites that are authorities in their specific areas get higher page ranks, because they provide more value to customers.

Becoming an authority isn’t too difficult. By creating original, unique content every day, Google will rank your site higher in results. Customers who see your updated content will know that your site is keeping on top of the news, and will value your opinions. This value creates a relationship of trust, and that leads to loyal, long-term customers.

The easiest way to post new weekly or daily content is by creating a blog on your website. You should add social media buttons, and an option for visitors to receive posts by email. That will help you increase the number of people who see your information and visit your website. A new post every day equals a new chance each day for your visitors to share your site to their followers on sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

More Visitors Equal More Business
Sites that attract high-quality visitors make more money than sites with fewer visitors, or visitors who arrive at a site that doesn’t help them. Unhelpful sites with little content really frustrate visitors, and that can hurt a company’s reputation more than not having a website.

“High-quality visitors” are the people who are really interested in purchasing a site’s products or services, and they usually arrive there by searching online or clicking a friend’s link.

How do you get those high-quality visitors? Create content that interests the type of people who enjoy using your product or service. By asking regular customers to complete a short survey, perhaps in exchange for a small discount on a purchase, you can better understand what content will engage other potential visitors.

A few dollars in discounts could bring in a large sum of money, because you know your customers and can find out what they like. When your new content is shared, the visitors who click and visit your site will be more likely to browse around and buy something, because they like the information you provide.

If you keep providing new content, your new visitors may become repeat customers.

Advertise Your New Products or Services
A lot of businesses miss out on a great way to make new sales, when they don’t update their website content. Creating new blog posts is just one important way to give visitors new information. Another task you should complete every week is updating product listings and homepage information, with new sale advertisements or listings of new products or services.

Customers won’t know about your new products or sales if they’re not listed on the first page they view. Smart website owners include a banner or some other type of logo that directs visitors from their most popular pages back to sale items or new products. By linking your pages to each other, you can suggest new items to a customer who has clicked on a similar product during his visit. Those internal links can help your customers see all the products you have to offer, and will help you make more money.