Our Process

jetpacYour website is an extension of your business. It doesn’t only provide information to your audience; it’s a reflection of your identity and brand. That’s why getting it right is crucial and intrinsic to the future development of your brand, identity and business.


We start the ball rolling by gathering important information about your business.The list can be exhaustive: everything about your business from what industry it specializes to the kind of products or services your business offers.

The initial information gathering process allows us to gauge and design specifically for you. The identity and brand of your business needs to be on the forefront, and the information gives us a clearer idea of not only your business, but you as a client. We will not only understand you better, but we will understand your goals and your audience more readily.

needalogoIf you are a young business, and this will be your first foray into the online world, fret not, we can advise – our services extend to creating a brand identity for your business, from creating icons and logos, to colors, to the overall image that you would like your brand to put forth. We are adept at making you distinct from your competitors, and we take branding seriously because it is a physical expression of your business.


processbanner2We will discuss the website structure – the flow of information and the sitemap of the website. We will identify key areas and propose deadlines for the completion of these milestones. In this manner you will be able to keep abreast of the progress and development of your website.

Our ultimate goal is to provide your business with a platform that is both unique and fresh: with all our initial information in hand, and keeping in mind our consultations, we will design a website that best fits you, your business and your brand identity. We will fine-tune the design after further consultation with you.



Following the design’s approval we will create the website using latest web technologies like CSS3 and HTML5. This is to ensure that the website is streamline and making use of the internet best resources. Other additional customizations will be added, solutions such as database(s), shopping carts for e-commerce, Word Press and the like.

All through these various stages, you will be kept informed and you will be able to see the website progress through a unique WIP (Work-In-Progress) link. In this manner you will also be able to track the development milestones.


vintagecameraprocessbanner4At this stage where the website is developing there are other value-added services that we provide. Services such as photography for the website; you can utilize photographs from our vast portfolio, or we can have a custom photo shoot. We also develop content for your website. Our copywriters are some of the best in the business, and can make your point succinctly and with clarity.


processbanners5Nearing completion of your website we will offer you and your staff a hands-on training workshop on the maintenance of your new website.

The Content Management System (CMS) is a powerful tool - you can now update your website anytime and anywhere. It allows your business to keep its audience up-to-date. And with our handy CMS manual you’ll find updating the website a breeze.


processbanners6Once the website is completed and approved by you, it will then be migrated onto the live servers. You are now visible, and you have your own corner of the internet!

We will do a post-live sweep of the website to check its veracity and make sure its functioning properly. We are also available 24/7 should you require any advice regarding the maintenance or any other concerns you might have.

Once the website has been up and running for a period of time we will do an assessment of the overall performance of the site using our analytics. This is a good time to review the goals we originally had in mind prior to the development of the website. The analytics will give us a better picture of how we are doing as well as areas we can improve upon.

This will also be a good time to look at ways to improve and promote your website, from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Social Media Marketing (SMM).

These strategies will allow us to improve and truly grow your business and website into a vibrant and unique brand.