Our Services

With our 10 years of experience in the industry, Sparx Interactive is dedicated to providing unsurpassed value and quality in all our online media products and services.


Web Design & Development

computerWe offer a full suite of web design solutions.

Whatever your needs are, we can advise accordingly.

From fully interactive websites that are visually stimulating to blogging sites like WordPress, we know how to kick-start your website. We have a decade of innovative and exciting designs under our belt, and we can put you and your business on the map.

If your business is new and you’re trying to get a toehold, we can help: from company branding to a corporate identity, we can help transform your business into a viable and commercial enterprise.

Worried about updating your website? We offer customized content management systems (CMS) that will get you up and running. Managing content and updating your website has never been easier.

For a business, nothing is perhaps more important that allowing your consumers to view and buy your products. To this end we have customized and intuitive  e-commerce shopping carts that you can add on to your website, that provides your audience with a safe shopping platform. Easy to update – you will be surprise at what you can do online with your products.

Need to get a quick word out? We offer newsletters and electronic direct mailers (EDMs) for an even wider reach. We have mailing lists that allow you access to thousands of email accounts, all of them a prospective consumer.

And you can rest assured that no matter the job, we utilize only the latest programming codes, including CSS3 and HTML5 to ensure that the website is flexible and robust on different platforms. This is part of our commitment to excellence.


managerOnline Marketing / Social Media Marketing

We are leaders in Online Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

We don’t think of demographics in the traditional manner. On the contrary, we treat your business customers as real people. We create customer profiles, looking at your customers’ interests, skills, passions, beliefs and values. By combing the internet with our research we can focus the areas your business and website can improve upon.

We employ a whole gamut of social media sites to gain you traffic. By creating Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and GooglePlus profiles we custom content so that you gain more attention. We carefully cultivate a social media presence for your brand, from managing feedback to creating ads that help gain you that vital traffic.

Social Media Marketing is a new and exciting area of the internet that has taken off dramatically in the past few years and it is intrinsic in the development of any and every brand. We will train you on how social media can have a positive impact on your business and how you can use it to your advantage.

Coupled with a sound Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy that includes keyword research and backlinks, as well as relevant content writing we can propel your business and website up the rankings. More information on our online marketing services can be found here.


Reputation Management

photoreputYour business and your brand is ultimately an extension of you.

As such as your brand and business grows we are constantly performing online research to gauge your brand’s impact.

We track and repair negative online reviews as well as suppress past and present negative reviews. Though it may sometimes be impossible to completely remove negative reviews, we can make it that negative reviews get minimal coverage.

We offer a free review, analysis as well as consultation addressing your key concentration points. You will receive a detailed report at the end of each billing cycle. It will allow you to track negative reviews and make efforts to address some of the concerns that these reviews may have highlighted.

By having a holistic and top-down approach we are plan to position your business so you can reap the greatest benefits from the internet. A clear and concise strategy will enable you plan and look ahead into the future.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are here 24/7 to help you and your business excel. We can address any question or query you may have.

Whatever your concerns are, we got you covered.