Using Social Media to Expand Your Business Horizons

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter didn’t exist just a few decades ago, but today they’re a part of daily life for many people. Family members and friends use these sites and others to communicate with each other and to keep up with their favorite bands, writers, products and brands.

With the right social media campaign, any company can increase the number of people who know about its brand, and connect with more customers and business.

Save Money
One of the best things about using social media is that it’s absolutely free to start a Facebook page or create a Twitter account. When creating a new social media account, it’s important to fill out as much information about the company as possible. Include the website address on the Facebook page or Twitter account to ensure your fans know that you have that added online presence.

If a company is interested in advertising on social media, the costs are significantly lower than traditional media and the ads go out to potential customers who enjoy similar items. These targeted ads are more likely to bring in more visitors and sales.

Save Time, Get Big Results
There is no better way to reach a large number of people than with social media. When one person likes your page on Facebook or posts a message about your brand to his page, all of his friends will see it.

The same is true for Twitter, where all of one user’s followers see each of his or her tweets. These followers can then retweet a message by that user, and then all of their followers see it. By having your own Twitter account, you can create messages that are easy to share and that lead other people to your page or website. People who enjoy your brand can follow you and share the messages that appear in their feed.

The best part is that Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are easy to use and only take up a few minutes of your day. Most business users tweet five to 10 times each day or Facebook a few times, giving them huge results. Other free social media sites that are used by businesses include YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.

Connect with Customers
Customers like to interact with their favorite brands on social media, and may ask customer service questions by posting them on a site. Businesses each need to designate someone to check sites throughout the day and respond to these questions promptly.

Companies that stay active on social media and respond to concerns and questions quickly have a good reputation for staying in touch with customers. By chatting with customers, in a friendly, casual way, companies help their customers feel more connected and loyal. This loyalty pays off in added attention and business.

Add Links from Your Website
Links can be added to any website easily, and for free. All the major social media sites offer buttons and the code you’ll need to make them work. It only takes a few moments to set up, and you can include as many or as few buttons as you want on your website.

Just copy and paste the code and button you want, and all your visitors can start sharing. The easiest way to get started is with a quick search on Google or Bing for “free Facebook button,” for example, and the page will have all the information and basic instructions available.

Customers Can Find You
No company wants to hide from its customers, especially when all the competition is online and trying to get their attention. By having a presence on each of the major social media sites, and updating each profile and posting regularly, companies make it easier for customers to find them.

When a consumer Google’s a specific brand, they expect to see a long list of social media sites and a website right up at the top. That’s normal today. Customers who only find a telephone number on a Yelp page are less likely to put in the effort to call the number or stop by, when the competition offers the same products online. Companies that use social media will reach more customers, and they’ll keep them engaged and interested in the products they offer.