Video and Photo: Content to Make Your Website Stand Out From the Rest

Creating or choosing the right photos and videos can seem like a tough job, especially if you don’t have experience in picking out images. Many people don’t know where to begin. By paying close attention to a few basic factors, you can find the right photos and video that will set your website apart from its competitors.

When you browse for photos and video, pay close attention to their tone. If your site offers party rentals for children’s birthday parties, your photos need to be colorful and happy. An accounting firm will need photos that are more professional and serious.

Even more important than tone is whether or not your photos or video add valuable information for visitors. There’s no reason to post something on your website if it doesn’t help your customers. If you sell a food product, maybe you need a video of a chef creating a recipe, or photos of delicious meals accompanied by links to the recipes. With every image you add, create a moment that excites your visitors.

If you’re creating your own images or video, obviously they’ll be unique. For companies that use stock photos or videos, it’s important to choose carefully, so visitors aren’t bored with images they’ve seen on many other sites. For instance, on Flickr, each photo lists which blogs and sites have links back to it. If a photo is used on a number of sites, try to find another one that conveys the same information and tone, but that gives visitors that unique experience. Sometimes, a unique crop or edit on a photo is all you need to make it original to your site.

Keep Content Fresh
The work of a webmaster, whether a seasoned professional or a novice, is never finished. Updating a website’s content regularly is the best way to keep customers coming back. The easiest way to create regular traffic to a site is with a blog. Blogging sites such as WordPress make it easy to post photos and videos on your site, and provide the chance to add new images as often as you like.

Interact and Educate
Photos and video are capable of both drawing in new website visitors and keeping them entertained, if you use the right pieces of rich media. YouTube videos allow users to leave comments, and many times visitors end up interacting with each other and having conversations.

This is exactly what you want. Your brand becomes a topic of conversation, one that visitors may then pass on by discussing your company with friends and family, or by sharing a link to your video or website on a social media site like Facebook or Twitter.

The most entertaining videos and photos, the ones that make visitors laugh or that are just irresistibly adorable or witty, are also the ones that people share with others. When you post a photo or video on your site, think about its emotional draw and how it makes you feel.

Did you laugh out loud the second you saw it? If you’re writing content about a controversial topic, did the image immediately make you want to take action because you were angry at the injustice? If an image creates the emotional response you want, then it’s the right one for your site. Likewise, if you’re trying to show a professional business person, review the photo to make sure the person is dressed professionally, has a polished look and is shown in a business setting.

Don’t Overload Your Site
It’s easy to get excited about finding tons of great content and want to put it all on your site. That’s a normal first reaction, but remember that less is more. Think of your website as a story that’s meant to resonate with people who stumble across your website. Tell a very specific story that is tailored to your ideal customer, and leave everything else out. If it doesn’t fit your story line, no matter how good it is, just cut it.

You’ll find that by editing down your site to the most essential photos and videos, you’ll still be left with a number of engaging images. And more important, you’ll give customers a great experience and enhance the image of your products.