The Importance of a Well-Designed Website

People are busier today than ever before. That’s why, after a long day at work, picking up the kids and making a quick dinner, there’s no time left to drop in at a store to window shop. That’s if the stores are even open by the time errands are out of the way. Many people turn to the Internet, after a long day, and visit their favorite stores online.

So many people use the Internet regularly for shopping that it’s important for every company to have a website. Most consumers are accustomed to visiting well-designed sites that are easy to use, convenient and reliable.

Before starting a website, put some thought into making it easy to use and navigate. By understanding what your customers like the most about your business, you can tailor your content and pages to provide the most value.

You need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • How will you welcome customers on your homepage and explain where they can find certain items on your pages?
  • What buttons should be included on your homepage?
  • Which pages will be most popular, and should be linked to from several different pages?
  • What is most important to customers and what do they search for when they find this business?

Give customers enough information to answer all their questions, and make navigating your website easy and simple. They’ll come back time and again, as long as they leave satisfied with their overall experience.

Grab their Attention
An eye-catching design will put a site head and shoulders above its competitors. Website design should complement the product that it’s showcasing, such as a minimalist theme for an online art store or a fun, game-like site for a store that sells kids toys.

Typography is very important to website design, and most fonts used on websites have clean, simple lines, and are easy to read on a screen. Don’t clutter up a screen with loads of images and videos, or post long pieces of text. Break up content with bold and italicized headlines and subheads, and use lists to make your information more scannable.

Bring in More Customers
The Internet creates a huge opportunity to bring in more customers than just the people who live in the local vicinity of smaller and medium-sized businesses that aren’t chain stores. By creating an attractive, easy-to-use site, most stores can bring in visitors who hadn’t heard of their brands, before searching online for a product.

It’s important to post content online that correctly lists and describes the services or products offered by a company, to match up with the right customers when they search for those items online. Companies that successfully do this won’t just bring in more visitors, they’ll bring in higher-quality visitors who are interested in the items they offer. This will mean more business in the form of sales.

If basketballs are a company’s most popular item, then the online store should include a listing that includes the word “basketball” and other words customers would use to describe the specific type that you sell.

For example, a small sporting goods store that offers specialty fishing lures may only sell a few each year locally in Maine, but by creating an online store with lots of great detailed content, it may do most of its business with customers in Washington state or Louisiana.

Lower Your Costs
Running a successful website is a great way to create sales without adding on a lot of overhead costs to your business. Because much of the sales process is completed automatically, you’ll free up your time to focus on other aspects of your business.

And because a well-designed website is a great advertisement for your business, you may find you’re increasing your sales revenues at the same time that you need to spend less on advertising.

Many very successful stores operate online and don’t have a brick-and-mortar store anywhere. Without all the added expenses of rent, utilities and extra sales people, their return on investment and profits are much higher. By creating a well-designed website, many stores have increased their sales and earnings, at the same time their costs have gone down. That’s a win-win, and a great opportunity that’s available for any business that’s ready to invest in an easy-to-use website.